Sunday, January 22, 2012

For my dear:
I'm so lucky to have found you
and to be with you each day
lucky we always find a way
to make it work
lucky we make it-
we always do
so so lucky to have you
you're smile,
you're laugh
they say bread is the staff
of life
you're mine
my pillar, my strength- my rock
you'll cook for me- ad hoc
make me smile when I wanna cry
you're wonderful- I wont lie
so here is a PDA here on my blog
(i'll lose all my other readers before long!)
if i keep up with this mushy stuff
know though that when times are rough
you've had enough
when life calls your bluff
just call my name
I'll be there for you
i'll be a dear for you
because you're a dear to me.

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