Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awkward Moments

For those of you who work/attend school in a secular environment- do you ever get into those awkward situations? The following quotes are not verbatim- but are pretty darn close!
Enjoy! (I sure did....once I got home!)

Co-Worker: "I once babysat in an Orthodox home! They had TWO freezers how wierd is THAT!? But wait it gets wierder!!! They had TWO SETS OF DISHES TOO!!!"

Co-Worker: You're hair got SO PRETTY from being pregnant! It's so nice and thick!!
Me: It's a wig
Co-Worker's jaw hangs open for sixty whole seconds

Secretary to me, as I'm walking in the door  in a hat on a winter day- shaitel was in bad need of washing:
8:20 am
Secretary: I loooooove you're hat!
Co-Worker: Me tooooooo!

12:00 pm
Secretary: You're still in that hat! It's soooo cute!

3:20 pm
Secretary: Wow you're still wearing your hat. Is the heat working in your room?
mental note to self: contrary to popular belief- in the outside world people do NOT wear winter hats indoors. please refrain from using them to cover an oily wig.

Conservative Jewish - "So, do you really do that whole no sex during your period thing? Do you REALLY go to a public pool and dip naked?"

Parent: We brought your baby a gift
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! A baby's first christmas onesie- complete with a little image of santa!!!!

In all seriosness folks... I work in a great school where i have been welcomed and treated like are some examples:

Secretary: We're throwing a luncheon in honor of your baby!

Teacher: We all chipped in for a gift card for you to Target!

Co-worker: I had post partum depression. I see there's a light in your eyes when you talk anout your baby. I'm going to keep my eye ob you to make sure that light doesn't go out.

Nurse: Please come to the nurse's office whenever you need to pump. I'll clean the back room out for you so its ready!

Teacher: I sewed you receiving blankets and matching burp cloths. The hospital ones are always too small!

Co-Worker- Please swing by my office if you need any help adjusting- I know you're new here!

Co-Worker- Mrs. Dreamer! Please come in here- I want to show you something! What colors and what patterns would you like? I'm going to crochet your baby a blanket! (for the record, Catherine's Wheels- and pink and cream)

On a daily basis they say hello, smile- ask about my well being and the well being of my family, include me in  conversations, wave me over to join their table at after-school meetings, ask to see pictures of my baby, offer me help with computer glitches and just treat me like a mentch. So- it's awkard sometimes- but it's also great.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

For my dear:
I'm so lucky to have found you
and to be with you each day
lucky we always find a way
to make it work
lucky we make it-
we always do
so so lucky to have you
you're smile,
you're laugh
they say bread is the staff
of life
you're mine
my pillar, my strength- my rock
you'll cook for me- ad hoc
make me smile when I wanna cry
you're wonderful- I wont lie
so here is a PDA here on my blog
(i'll lose all my other readers before long!)
if i keep up with this mushy stuff
know though that when times are rough
you've had enough
when life calls your bluff
just call my name
I'll be there for you
i'll be a dear for you
because you're a dear to me.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


sadly i think that i've been bested
by my nose which is congested
though its not my first time tested
by a cold sprung suddenly
upon me
it's always worse while its occuring
in my ears a painful whirring
when i'm outside i am brrrrrr-ing
and that cold
 only makes the cold
even worse
i brandish my purse
to ward off the cold
like some voodoo curse
wish i could stay at home and nurse
a cup of tea
and also me
back to health
but high ho high ho
whether i want to or not
workbound i go
and this cold makes me hot
one truth about colds (the runny kind)
that makes it hard to see the sunny side
is that they make you sick enough
so you feel ick enough
to stick a tissue up your nose
and leav it there
and not care
sick enough to remember your sinuses are there
to not care about your makeup or hair
to have a dry patch of skin between your nose and lips
and have germ vovered fingertips
sick enough to feel quite miserably ill
but although it is not your will
you're just not sick enough to stay home and chill
so i've come to the coclusions
that colds are pretty darn cold!
sick enough to feel awfuuly bad
nut not sick enough to hibernate in bed
how sad!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Growing Pains

One of my pet peeves when I was single was when married acquaintances looked at me, rolled their eyes and said "you know, marriage isn't a bed of roses, it isn't a cakewalk! It's hard! You're not going to have all of your problems solved by getting married. " Of COURSE I knew that! I resented their patronizing tone, their assumption of idiocy and naivete on my part...everything about their attitude irked me. I also resented that they often assumed that I at 23 was as carefree and naive as they were whenever they were single.  "Oh I remember when I was single all I did was eat out with my friends and go shopping". Fantastic- for the entire 6 months you were  "single" you had fun. It was also fun for me for those first 6 months. 6 months in limbo is fun- until everyone moves on and you're stuck bent over backwards under that limbo stick. What people who marry early fail to realize is that most singles don't want a "Platinum Wedding" or a fantasy marriage. They want to work on the "happy hard work" of marriage. They want to come home to a spouse- and share their life with someone. They want to have a husband to argue and make up with.They want to wake up in the middle of the  night for a baby. Sure, it's difficult but B"H it's a healthy difficult. It's growing pains. Since I got married I've grown so much, and learned so much about myself. Marriage and babies can sometimes be very painful- but it's growing pains. As opposed to the gnawing, seemingly endless pain of waiting- either to get married or have children.  No, it isn't a cakewalk. Yes it is very challenging. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm still in awe of this miracle
in shock at the principle
that I've become Mommy
to this one small soul
and I'm suddenly responsible
for her health
her care
the wear and tear
that falls upon her spirit here
on Earth
and it scares me, and it drives me
to try harder each day
to find a better way
and then when I can't
accept that I am
the best Mommy I could possibly be.