Thursday, January 19, 2012


sadly i think that i've been bested
by my nose which is congested
though its not my first time tested
by a cold sprung suddenly
upon me
it's always worse while its occuring
in my ears a painful whirring
when i'm outside i am brrrrrr-ing
and that cold
 only makes the cold
even worse
i brandish my purse
to ward off the cold
like some voodoo curse
wish i could stay at home and nurse
a cup of tea
and also me
back to health
but high ho high ho
whether i want to or not
workbound i go
and this cold makes me hot
one truth about colds (the runny kind)
that makes it hard to see the sunny side
is that they make you sick enough
so you feel ick enough
to stick a tissue up your nose
and leav it there
and not care
sick enough to remember your sinuses are there
to not care about your makeup or hair
to have a dry patch of skin between your nose and lips
and have germ vovered fingertips
sick enough to feel quite miserably ill
but although it is not your will
you're just not sick enough to stay home and chill
so i've come to the coclusions
that colds are pretty darn cold!
sick enough to feel awfuuly bad
nut not sick enough to hibernate in bed
how sad!


  1. at least your writing isnt suffering...
    but its times like this when i think..breathing is a beautiful thing.

  2. why thankee! i wrote that whith a baby in one arm, and a tissue up my nose! lol! ( i wasn't kidding about that when i wrote that in the poem!)

  3. Colds are terrible; completely innocent yet makes one feel as though they have been steamrolled.