Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awkward Moments

For those of you who work/attend school in a secular environment- do you ever get into those awkward situations? The following quotes are not verbatim- but are pretty darn close!
Enjoy! (I sure did....once I got home!)

Co-Worker: "I once babysat in an Orthodox home! They had TWO freezers how wierd is THAT!? But wait it gets wierder!!! They had TWO SETS OF DISHES TOO!!!"

Co-Worker: You're hair got SO PRETTY from being pregnant! It's so nice and thick!!
Me: It's a wig
Co-Worker's jaw hangs open for sixty whole seconds

Secretary to me, as I'm walking in the door  in a hat on a winter day- shaitel was in bad need of washing:
8:20 am
Secretary: I loooooove you're hat!
Co-Worker: Me tooooooo!

12:00 pm
Secretary: You're still in that hat! It's soooo cute!

3:20 pm
Secretary: Wow you're still wearing your hat. Is the heat working in your room?
mental note to self: contrary to popular belief- in the outside world people do NOT wear winter hats indoors. please refrain from using them to cover an oily wig.

Conservative Jewish - "So, do you really do that whole no sex during your period thing? Do you REALLY go to a public pool and dip naked?"

Parent: We brought your baby a gift
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! A baby's first christmas onesie- complete with a little image of santa!!!!

In all seriosness folks... I work in a great school where i have been welcomed and treated like are some examples:

Secretary: We're throwing a luncheon in honor of your baby!

Teacher: We all chipped in for a gift card for you to Target!

Co-worker: I had post partum depression. I see there's a light in your eyes when you talk anout your baby. I'm going to keep my eye ob you to make sure that light doesn't go out.

Nurse: Please come to the nurse's office whenever you need to pump. I'll clean the back room out for you so its ready!

Teacher: I sewed you receiving blankets and matching burp cloths. The hospital ones are always too small!

Co-Worker- Please swing by my office if you need any help adjusting- I know you're new here!

Co-Worker- Mrs. Dreamer! Please come in here- I want to show you something! What colors and what patterns would you like? I'm going to crochet your baby a blanket! (for the record, Catherine's Wheels- and pink and cream)

On a daily basis they say hello, smile- ask about my well being and the well being of my family, include me in  conversations, wave me over to join their table at after-school meetings, ask to see pictures of my baby, offer me help with computer glitches and just treat me like a mentch. So- it's awkard sometimes- but it's also great.


  1. The non-jews in my class are learning about judaism very quickly even asking me complex halachic questions and some even know exactly where the it says i cannot eat shellfish..

    its always interesting to see what they ask and how they perceive us.

  2. i have some homeschool students who are fundamentalist christains come to my school for speech services. They have tons of kids and are always spouting scripture. They're a tad strange. In a funny way I relate more to my little african american students- but i sometimes wonder- do people perceive us the way i perceive the fundamentalist christains?