Sunday, July 24, 2011

I haven't posted in how long?

I just realized that I haven't posted in over two months...eep! I don't really have a very compelling post to write at the moment but I do have a need to post something. So here goes. I'm looking for a good book to read- any suggestions? :-P sorry this post was so lame...better one to come!!


  1. I haven't finished, but really enjoyed, the book Hush by Eishet Chayil. I'd give you the link, but I hate the look of a url posted in all its glory and am too tired to write out the html. A quick Google search should give it to you. I found it to give fascinating insight on the life of a chassidic girl as well.

  2. Thanks %Shocked%- i've read it and have actually recommended it as well. It is brilliantly written. :-) keep those suggestions coming!

  3. Hm, I don't know if what kind of books you're into, but if philosophy is your forte, Nineteen Letters by Rabbi Shamshon Raphael Hirsch is a brilliant read. If you're looking for Jewish novels, Egads, I can't remember the last time I read one and appreciated it as much as I did a secular one. So I can suggest some of the older ones, but you've probably read them all already.

    Ah ha! It just struck me. I'm guessing you have some interest in the English language if you're a blogger, so there's an absolutely incredible book on the Oxford English Dictionary called The Professor and the Madman (hehe, did the html for this one!). It's the first book I can ever recall reading where there were more than a dozen words I had never heard of, let alone knew what they meant. That's only one plus of the book; it's an amazing story as well.

  4. Im a huge book worm too but It's hard to recommend books to someone you do not know the least bit about (im new to bloggers so ill have to catch up on ur post to get an idea)
    In the meantime, here are some of my favorites:
    -Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand --political, philosophical novel
    --The elegance of a hedgehog by Muriel Barbay--philosophical and psychological
    --twilight by Elie wiesel--brillian book although he's controversial
    -the lost boys by Brent Jeff--about the whole mormon abuse scandal
    If you like classics: anna karenina is good
    Tell me what kind you generally like and ill give you more, and I also welcome recommendations!