Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Ode to Chocolate Chips of the Most Delicious Kind

O’ Trader Joe’s chocolate chips!
Before you even pass my lips
You add 3 inches to my hips
But I don’t mind!
Perfectly flavored- not too sweet
O’ Mr. Joe I’d love to meet
You one day-and greet
You in the nicest way!
For these chips so perfectly gooey
There’s no surer way to woo me
Than bake them into cookies-
Oatmeal, walnut baked delights!
Trader Joe’s chips make them just right
Once you try them there’s no going back
Chips of joy, mushiness, love, de- light!


  1. Obviously you haven't been reading my Battle of the Bulge posts . . .

  2. Oh yum. Now I want cookies. Out of curiosity are Trader Joe chips parve or dairy?