Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ice cream sure is yummy- but CHOCOLATE? you melt my heart!

The world can neatly be divided into two groups. Ice cream lovers and chocolate lovers. There are the rare few who love both. Sure plenty of people LIKE both ice cream and chocolate, but few people have a true passion for both. I am a chocolate person. In recent weeks I've been made aware of the joys of ice cream. Particularly Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream. JOY! I relish my ice cream time, a few special moments in a busy day to cherish raw cookie goodness. However- the day my husband surprised me with a box of four mini Godiva chocolates- I was captivated, elevated, enraptured- I entered a different state of consciousness. Now- of course this is just personal opinion. I love all kinds of chocolate. But I am of the general opinion that chocolate is objectively better than ice cream. Chocolate is an age old, sophisticated food- first enjoyed as a beverage by  ancient Mayan royalty. Ice cream is something that comes to you in a waffle cone from a tuneless singing truck.  Chocolate artisans are celebrated the world over, Swiss and Belgian chocolate varieties are prized. Ice cream is cherished and celebrated by children. Children are our future and are wonderful- and I don't mean to put them down. But- try THIS on for size- there is chocolate flavored ice cream because chocolate is a worthy flavor. I have yet to discover ice cream flavored chocolate. 'Nuff said!


  1. Huh? Surely you can't be real chocolate connoisseur?! Don't you know about Godiva's ice cream truffles. ;-)

  2. How about the people in the world who like neither? I'll take potato kugel over those 2 any day!

  3. I will take chocolate in all of it's forms- From cheap valentines hearts to those really expensive, very dark cacao (so dark you can barely taste the sugar) dainty Neuhaus squares. I buy a few whenever I am at union station.

  4. Ice Cream is more of a medium for the flavor to be brought out from. For instance, if you would just take the ice + Cream, it would be milky flavor. Now add vanilla, or chocolate, or peanut, or pistachio, or mint, and you have a FLAVOR of ice cream. It is a versatile food.

    Kinda of like Bread in a way...people will 'flavor' their breads by baking them in different ovens, rolling them in different shapes, placing cheese and tomato sauce on it (or chocolate), or poppy, sesame, garlic, onion, rosemary etc.

    Chocolate is a flavor drawn from a cocoa bean which while delicious in any form, is not comparable....
    ...therefore I challenge your premise. It is a bad comparison.